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Hello and welcome!

Mary-Ann Ochota is a broadcaster and anthropologist who gained her MA from Emmanuel College, Cambridge University and is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society.

Upcoming LIVE EVENTS...

Rings, Wings & Spindle Whorls: Archaeological treasures and the stories they tell

Join me and storyteller Jason Buck on a unique journey through Britain’s history, telling stories inspired by historical artefacts from the Iron Age to World War 2.

Weaving fact, fiction and myth together, we reveal the intriguing, exciting and occasionally bizarre stories behind archaeological treasures, both famous and forgotten. Get ready for an evening of warriors and witches, love and loss, Viking gods, treasures hidden from the Nazis, and a hungry cow....

Tuesday 18th September 7.30pm, Artrix Arts Centre, Bromsgrove

Friday 26th October 7pm, British Museum, London

Britain Afloat

I absolutely loved making this six-part series exploring how boats have shaped our lives across Britain. It was a journey across the country and into the history of punts, coracles, narrow boats, sailing boats, rowing eights and the Thames sailing barge. I got to grips with these pieces of living history, and met the passionate people keeping the traditions alive.

Hidden Histories:

A Spotter's Guide to the British Landscape

Recommended by The Sunday Times, Trail Magazine, The Countryman, Countryfile Magazine, Geographical magazine, Tony Robinson, Steve Backshall, Tom Holland (selected as New Statesman Book of the Year) and Professor Francis Pryor

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I specialise in presenting anthropology, archaeology, social history and outdoor adventure.

For me, it's all about discovering and telling people's stories in the most exciting and compelling way - on TV, radio, in print and in person. From the heart of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster zone, to conflict zones in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the slums of Dhaka, the backstreets of Swansea, and the high fells of Britain's Lake District. 

Tibet: Living on the Roof of the World Discovery Networks (coming 2018)
Why We Cut Men
BBC World Service (coming March 2018)
Britain Afloat: Boats that made Britain
China: Time of Xi
Discovery Asia-Pacific
Those Who Came Before
CNN Create/Visit Jordan
The Why Factor: Childlessness, Raising Other People's Kids, Surrogacy
BBC World Service
Keep Digging (the deepest hole in the World)
BBC Radio 4

Life After: Chernobyl, Animal Planet

A Dirty Secret, BBC Radio 4

Best of Enemies: What do the British Think of the Germans? ARD-Alpha

Ancient Impossible, H2: History Channel 2

Unreported World, Channel 4

Raised Wild/Feral Children, Discovery Networks

Britain's Secret Treasures, Britain's Secret Homes, ITV1

The Truth Behind: King Arthur, Nat Geo

Time Team, Channel 4

Silbury Hill: Heart of the Hill, BBC4

My new book, Hidden Histories: A Spotter's Guide to the British Landscape is a guide to puzzling out some of the features you might spot in the landscape around you - what are those lumps and bumps in that field? Is this an ancient burial mound? How old is that church? Is this a medieval woodland? For countryside wanderers and armchair wonderers, I hope it'll feed your curiousity as a landscape detective!

Get your hands on a signed copy of Hidden Histories

Join me at an event - talks, walks and more!

I'm a presenter for BBC radio's anthropology series, The Why Factor, the Guardian's Archaeology & Anthropology network, and a regular contributor to BBC Radio 4's From Our Own Correspondent, Sky News, BBC News and HuffPost. I also report for ITN Industry News on themes as diverse as public health, technology, finance and criminal justice.

I write for the Guardian, Daily Telegraph and other newspapers, write a monthly column for Trail Magazine, and regularly contribute to adventure and outdoors magazines including BBC Magazine, Geographical, Summit and Countryfile Magazine.

Check out my: Telegraph outdoor travel guides

My first book, Britain's Secret Treasures, was written in conjunction with the British Museum and ITV. It reveals the incredible stories behind 80 archaeological artefacts discovered by members of the British public. Buy your copy of Britain's Secret Treasures here.

I'm proud to be...

a 'Loo-minary' for Toilet Twinning - twin your loo with a long-drop somewhere in the world

a Patron of the Tony Trust, who help fund young people to take part in Outdoor Activities Centres

a Hill Walking Ambassador for the British Mountaineering Council - the mountains are for all

a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society - understand the complex world we live in

I believe anthropology (the study of people, biologically and socially) can help to challenge the most basic preconceptions we have about ourselves and our own society, shedding new light on what it means to be human, and why we do what we do.  Anthropology in your own 'backyard' can be as eye-opening as research further afield!